Kill Your Bad Breath

c10008 bad breath

So here you are, ready to go on a date with this hot chick. You are off for a movie date and this allows you to have real close distance with each other. On the way to her house, you smell something foul in your car, only to find out that it’s coming out of your mouth! Panic starts to course on your blood streams, what can you do about it? You are minutes away from your date and your breath stinks like a rotting fruit. You open your compartment and look for your toothbrush and tooth paste, but where can you brush your teeth? You can’t go inside your date’s house and ask her for a minute to brush your teeth in her own sink. But voila! You see your mint candy and hurriedly open the wrapper and pop the candy in your mouth. After a few minutes of chewing the candy, you blow your breath into your palm to check your breath. Smells like mint, the candy is just enough to cover up the previously icky smell that could be due to your missed appointments with your dentist. Now you can drive to your date without worries, for now. But make sure that your date won’t notice your breath, keep the candies on your pocket and pop them on your mouth whenever you feel that your breath is stinking all over again. After your date, that is when you could worry on how to treat your bad breath problem. After all, you could not afford to lose your confidence whenever you have a date ahead.

Have you been experiencing mouth problems? Has your breath fouled up all of the sudden? Did you know that bad breaths are mostly caused by a dental condition that is not treated? Your constant foul breath may be rooted from a cavity, oral cancer, gum disease, bacteria or even just plain old dry mouth. Having a bad breath especially when you are in the professional and social world could be downright embarrassing! Stop the drama now and start looking for a solution!

Now that you are worried about the embarrassment you could have due to your foul breath, you are allowed come running to a dentist! But do you know any good dentists around to treat your foul smelling breath? I didn’t think so. Luckily, I could give you the best dentist in Kenmore for me to go to . If you are in New York, then you are in luck. Advantage Dentistry is the best dentist you could go to. It is located at Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore. Hurry up while you could avail the New Patient Special discount and lessen the cost of having your mouth checked and fixed before your next date. Just contact us and get yourself scheduled before your next date is scheduled. Just put yourself in your date’s shoes so that you could understand and imagine just how awful it is to encounter someone with a foul smelling breath as you date!